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Sports nutrition

The importance of sports nutrition cannot be understated.  Good nutrition lays the foundation for long term success, injury prevention, and optimal health status. 

Active individuals have higher than average nutritional needs regardless of their levels of competition. Without sound nutrition, the physical benefits of training may be reduced, and recurrent injuries and illness may impact on the progression and career longevity of an athlete.  

Suboptimal nutrition may impact directly on training performance and recovery and leave the athlete susceptible to other complications. 

Nutritient deficiencies, anaemia, insomnia, fatigue, reduced stress tolerance, recurrent infections, athlete burn-out, bone issues, hormonal dysregulation and gastrointestinal distress are common issues linked to poor nutrition.

Our holistic sports nutrition approach

As a holistic practitioner our sports nutrition approach considers nutrient absorption, food intolerances, gut health, gender specific needs and genetic predispositions. We don’t focus on restrictive practices or calorie counting. 

Our approach considers what foods to consume and the timing of these foods to suit your body type and achieve your sporting goals.  

We perform physical examinations to assess functional nutrient status and review pathology test results. After a thorough consultation we provide individualised sports nutrition guidance to help you fire on all cylinders. We will equip you with detailed information you can refer to in the future and refer you to additional testing if required. Where necessary we may recommend short term high quality supplements to boost nutrient status more quickly.  We use TGA approved supplements and source batch tested supplements for elite athletes competing under WADA and ASADA guidelines.