about Kate SMyth

Kate Smyth is a Torquay Naturopath, and a female running coach providing holistic sports nutrition. 

Kate certainly knows what it’s like to face challenges when pursuing a dream. In her clinical practice, she draws on her formal education and experience working with hundreds of athletes, and lived experience as an elite Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games athlete.

Kate strongly advocates a balanced approach and is passionate about maintaining hormonal, mental, gut and immune health for female athletes. 

On the back of her deep desire to help other endurance runners overcome challenges, she now provides female friendly coaching, naturopathic medicince (naturopathy) and sports nutrition to recreational and elite athletes. Many of her patients seek help for anaemia, iron deficiency, gut health, PMS, bone health and menopause.   

Kate is passionate about providing realistic, practical, natural and effective options that are tailored to the individual

Specifically designed to help female athletes, Kate’s mentoring and coaching program continues to grow and support women who are keen to take their performance to the next level. Find out more here.

Kate is also interested in helping women with anaemia and iron deficiency. Find out more here.

Kate has completed three university degrees, including a Master’s and a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Her thirst for knowledge has led her to complete further training in thyroid health, sports nutrition, digestive health and female athlete hormones…. just in case you are wondering.

She has been mentored by leading Integrated Doctors and global leaders in naturopathy and nutrition.

Kate is an accredited coach with Athletics Australia and works with some of Australia’s best athletes across various sporting disciplines, including endurance runners (5k to ultras), netball, AFLW, tennis, mountain biking, track and field athletics, road cycling, triathlon, ironman, motorcycle enduro racing, soccer and hockey.

She provides telehealth naturopathy and telehealth nutrition and coaching using secure telehealth software to athletes all around the world. Kate consults from Torquay (near Geelong, Victoria).

Kate loves sharing positive inspiration and health education and presents to community groups, schools, conferences, sporting associations, and companies.