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Hi I’m Kate, Sports Naturopath and Founder of the Athlete Sanctuary.

I help sportspeople overcome fatigue, injuries and illness through targeted health strategies, performance nutrition and holistic coaching support.

Over the course of my life I have experienced many of my own health challenges. I really struggled to find support that considered my sporting goals, complex health history and food intolerances. Frustrated with the lack of progress, I began my own investigative journey. I went to a plethora of healthcare practitioners searching for answers.  Some were really helpful but couldn’t quite pinpoint what was going on, while others were downright dismissive. I began to wonder if my constant digestive issues and tiredness were all in my head.

Finally, I discovered naturopathy a form of holistic medicine. Impressed with my own improvements, I went back to university for another 4 years to complete a clinical naturopathy degree and become registered with the National Herbalists of Australia Association.  Shortly after graduating, the Athlete Sanctuary was established specifically to help other athletes restore optimal health.

I’m passionate about providing individualised support that gives you realistic, practical and effective advice for YOU and YOUR UNIQUE situation.

My food first approach focuses on clean nutrition. Quality supplements and synergistic herbal medicines may also form part of your comprehensive treatment plan. All treatment recommendations and medicines are TGA approved, ASADA and WADA appropriate, contain the highest quality ingredients, and undergo rigorous quality control manufacturing.


As a Sports Naturopath, I love working with a tribe of aspiring athletes of all levels and sporting codes. I respect individual food choices and empower plant-based athletes and individuals with “food trauma” to make smart nutritional decisions.

My consultations are thorough, and I seek to find underlying causes that help solve your unique health puzzle.  My evidence-based approach includes investigations using pathology testing, nutritional analysis, mineral testing, Dutch hormone testing, microbiome testing, thyroid functional testing and physical examinations.

Working collaboratively with other medical practitioners, coaches and physical therapists,  I’ll also help you create your very own supportive team.

  • Kate Smyth Founder

    Athlete Sanctuary is founded by Kate Smyth, an Olympian and sports enthusiast who has been involved in a wide range of team and individual sports over many decades.

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