Functional Testing

Athlete Sanctuary offer both inhouse
and external testing services.

Functional Pathology Tests

  • General functional profile testing – electrolytes, inflammation markers, full blood examination and blood group test, iron studies, lipid studies, liver function, blood glucose and insulin.
  • Cardiovascular specific pathology tests
  • Hormone tests- both female and male sex hormones, cortisol, and thyroid hormones
  • Coeliac antibody, gene test and immunoglobulin tests
  • Methylation profile tests and pyroluria, (malvaria)

Gastrointestinal Tract Tests

We offer a range of complete digestive analysis tests which may assist with assessment of infection and/or parasites, gut function, microbiome status, conditions such as small intestinal bowel overgrowth, dysbiosis, poor immune status and liver detoxification function.

Vitamin, Mineral And Antioxidant Status Testing

Nutritional testing may be helpful where baseline nutritional levels and prompt treatment response is required. This is most relevant where nutrient demand is high (in athletes and certain conditions) or where gene mutation or pharmaceutical treatment reduces effective uptake of key nutrients

Toxic Metals And Environmental Exposure Testing

Everyday we are exposed to high levels of toxins in our environment through the air, soil, water, home and work environments and foods. High levels of toxins can contribute to a range of symptoms and conditions and therefore identification and removal of toxic elements, solvents, pesticides and heavy metals may be beneficial in some patients.

Food Sensitivity And Allergy Testing

These tests may cover a range of foods containing common allergens and moulds.

Genetic Testing

Genetic tests may be recommended where conditions and symptoms suggest a possible gene mutation. For example: Hemochromatosis, Coeliac disease, infertility, cardiovascular disease and mental health issues.

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