Sports Naturopathy

Unique demands for nutrients, repair and physiological adaptation,
rigorous training and the drive to meet performance targets

What we do for you


  • Appreciate your unique demands for nutrients, repair and physiological adaptation, training and the drive to meet performance targets,
  • Understand what life can be like for you trying to fit everything into a day including training, work, study, travel, relationships and family because we are athletes too,
  • Know how tough and at the same time rewarding achieving goals can be because we have gone through this too,
  • Facilitate treatment solutions to allow you to return to your chosen activity and peak performance with minimal disruption and downtime to your training or events,
  • Work collaboratively with trainers, coaches and your preferred therapists to get the best outcome for you,
  • Provide referrals to practitioners when your needs fall outside our scope of practice.

What we won’t do

Ask you to take unnecessary “breaks” from training but we will help you to:

  1. Be “smart” about your current and future state of health,
  2. Gain perspective on life priorities and peak performance management,
  3. Understand your condition, your unique biological strengths and areas you need to nurture,
  4. Self-manage your condition so you are less reliant on others,
  5. Make sound choices, that reduce the risks of injury and maximise the chances of achieving some of your amazing goals.

We can’t wait to see you back out there giving it your best!

Our zone of genius:

  • Female specific sports performance
  • Nutritional guidance for training, competition and recovery
  • Peak performance management
  • Digestive complaints  and food intolerances
  • Fatigue, chronic fatigue, and adrenal issues
  • Hormonal issues, menopause, fertility
  • Building stress resilience 
  • Anaemia treatment and prevention
  • Insomnia, anxiety and stress
  • Time-zone adjustment and travel recovery

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