Nutrition & Dietary Advice

Nutrient demands, eating habits, dietary restrictions
and meal preparation skills.

How Can Nutrition & Dietary Advice Help?

“We are what we eat”

The Athlete Sanctuary place a high level of importance on food nutrient content and density, dietary patterns, nutrient absorption and assimilation into the body.

We offer nutritional advice that considers the individual’s current health status, nutrient demands, eating habits, meal preparation skills, dietary restrictions or allergies and preferences.

As part of every initial appointment, we perform a thorough physical assessment of each patient’s functional nutritional status and may also suggest additional pathology investigations where nutrient deficiency is contributing to patient symptoms and conditions.

Our treatment prescriptions include key dietary recommendations specific to the patient’s current needs. We provide tailored nutritional guidance for sporting enthusiasts for training, competition and recovery to meet the demands of their chosen sport.

Comprehensive Dietary Analysis

Athlete Sanctuary provides a dietary analysis service for patients who would benefit from more structured dietary guidance. As part of this process we ask patients to keep a diet diary which is analysed. We then prepare a suggested nutritional plan which includes dietary modifications which may better suit an individual’s needs and a report is prepared demonstrating the nutritional benefit of adopting these modifications.

This service is most beneficial for weight management, athletes, menopausal patients, patients with specific dietary restrictions, chronic conditions and for general health optimisation.

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