Athlete Sanctuary Services

We offer a range of services to help you feel better and get you back to what you love doing the most. We offer nutrition medicine, sports naturopathy, herbal medicine, dietary planning, pathology and functional medicine testing, athletics and and distance running coaching.

Treatment plans are developed specific to the individual’s current issues and future goals. Our treatment tools include a range of high quality medicines containing active compounds that are researched and shown to be effective in treating certain conditions and symptoms.

We may also recommend nutritional supplementation where deficiencies are apparent and provide dietary recommendations and lifestyle advice.

Athlete Services

A haven for sporting enthusiasts and active people of all abilities and ages.

Holistic Medicine

Harness the power of natural medicine

Nutrition & Dietary Advice

Use the right fuel for your body to perform at its peak.

Pathology  and Functional Testing

Understand what is going on in your body and monitor your progress.

Professional Coaching

Skills, techniques & training methods to get the best response from your body

Guest Speaking

Make your next event fun & meaningful with an inspirational guest speaker.

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