What you can expect

Torquay and Ballarat clinics are now open. Online appointments are available from any other location (excluding USA).

Initial appointment

Conducting a thorough initial investigation can save you time, money and a lot of frustration in the long run.

During our initial discussion, you will be asked to share your health story and a physical examination will take place to help identify all the obvious and hidden factors that may be contributing to your current situation.

We will discuss further investigations (if warranted) and you will go home with immediate actionable steps. My evidence-based approach includes investigations using pathology testing, nutritional analysis, mineral testing, Dutch hormone testing, microbiome testing, thyroid functional testing and other examinations.

In advance of your appointment I suggest compiling your health history through the online link sent in your confirmation email.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to complete this form in collaboration with any minor requiring care.

The information provided is strictly confidential and will be discussed in your initial appointment.  If pathology or other medical tests have been completed in the past 6 months, please bring them along to your first appointment. You may need to request a copy from your medical practitioner. Naturopath’s are trained to look for patterns and information in pathology results that may vary slightly from a GP’s or sports medicine doctor.

Subsequent appointments

Following your initial appointment we can start to form the pieces of your unique health puzzle and develop a targeted approach. During your review appointment we will discuss any outstanding test results and develop a road map to wellness including practical application of the steps you will need to take.

I draw on the latest research to recommend safe and effective medicines and treatment options that are specifically tailored to your presentation.  Your treatment plan will also include easy to follow handouts that are yours to keep and refer back to at a later time.

All successful athletes not only have a coach but they also keep a training diary.  Maintaining regular contact with your heath care team keeps you motivated and focussed. For this reason, I like to keep an open dialogue in between appointments.  Responding to my regular “check ins” is always optional.

Cancellation Policy

In fairness to other patients and practitioners, a 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced. If you are unable to make your appointment please make contact at your earliest convenience. Should you either forget your appointment or cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of your appointment fee.

Our Fees

Appointment Fees as of 1st Feb 2021 in $Aus
Holistic Health Initial Appointment (online/ telehealth appointment or in clinic) $160.00
Sports Nutrition /General Nutrition (online/ telehealth appointment  or in clinic) $160.00
Second appointment or extended appointment (online/ telehealth or in clinic) $105.00
Standard review (online/ telehealth or in clinic) $95.00
Initial Holistic Health Package (initial + two follow up appointments) $330.00 *best value
Running coaching-  including training plan, weekly check-in and monthly review $100 per month
Complete running coaching, health and nutrition program- 12 weeks $60 per week
Express appointment (existing patients only for medication review) $55.00

Clinic Appointments

Torquay clinic- open Tuesday

Ballarat clinic- open Thursday

Online Appointments

Telehealth appointments (over the phone or internet) are still available and provide the same level of exceptional care from the comfort of your home.

Opening Hours

Monday- Friday 10-6pm

After hours appointments available Tuesday and Thursday evenings till 8pm.

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