Naturopathic yoga (Nat Yoga) combines an integrated naturopathic approach with yoga movement and philosophy. Nat Yoga was designed and produced by a qualified naturopath and yoga teacher who recognised the need to make yoga accessible to patients regardless of their location.

Nat Yoga is beginner friendly and is also intermediate yogi approved! It is perfect for those who are too busy to make it to a yoga studio or who aren’t sure what style of yoga class to attend. It is useful for busy athletes needing to do a warmup or cool down stretching sequence but don’t have time to do a full yoga class.

Nat Yoga is a home-based yoga practice that can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home or workplace by following videos available on your computer or mobile phone. You can choose from bite size sequences of yoga varying in length from 7 to 35 minutes. Each yoga pose is guided and spoken about in a way that helps you to understand the science and the reason behind doing each pose, breath and movement.

There is no need to purchase fancy equipment but for those wanting to be prepared, the sequences feature a yoga mat, and some videos suggest a strap, block and bolster. These can all be substituted by a towel or pillow at home.

Nat Yoga is available by subscription for $30 per month for unlimited access making it far more affordable than standard yoga classes. Subscribers can select from a large range of guided sequences specific to fatigue, adrenal issues, female hormones, liver, pregnancy, digestion and thyroid. The Yin sequence is a great place to start for general wellbeing and recovery.

Sounds interesting? Email us at to subscribe or book an appointment here. A subscription can also be purchased as a gift for a loved one.

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