All life begins with a Mother

Mother’s Day this year will be different but it need not be a fizzer. There are plenty of ways to show how much you care or perhaps help your family to show how much they love and appreciate you! Let’s face it many Mums also have to buy their own pressies!

Here are a few ideas you may like to consider:

Give her a break from shopping and make food prep easy.
Pre-order some healthy home delivered food boxes that come with easy to make recipes. Great options include Hello Fresh which are offering $90 off boxed meal ingredients,  Marley Spoon ( currently offering $80 off first four boxes) or plant based families may prefer Soulara .

Get baking and surprise her with some yummy snacks like these delicious calcium cookies pictured above made from just four ingredients ( super quick and kid friendly) or the Mum pleasing banana bread. A freshly baked surprise always goes down well!

Give the gift of health at the Athlete Sanctuary *
The Athlete Sanctuary are offering all Mum’s 20% off initial naturopathy and sports nutrition online appointments for the month of May. (Now only $128).

20% discount off all mineral testing for existing patients (normally $180, now $144 (till the 26 May). You can find further information on the benefits of this comprehensive test here

20% off 12 week individualised running coaching programs. Great for Mum’s keen to get a marathon, 10km or half marathon personal best. Now just $104.

LymFatics Mits- 20% off now just $31.60- great for a self message in the shower to release tight muscles and improve lymph flow.

*Conditions apply

Running analysis and training packages
The Geelong Athlete Centre are offering a Mother’s Day package combining running mechanics analysis, a strength and mobility program and an individualised running plan for $199 (save $100).  The running analysis can be done virtually or in person and this offer is valid till the end of May. To find out more details visit their website here

A diary or book is a great way to help Mum stay motivated and on track.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. A beautiful book recounting the adventures of a group of world’class ultra-runners who travel into the canyons in Mexico to learn the secrets of endurance running from the Tarahumara tribe. A really easy night time read!

Let Your Mind Run by Deena Castor and Michelle Hamilton.  Olympic medalist and American female record holder in the marathon and a wonderful and inspiring human being, recounts her journey and her aptitude to rely less on any inborn talents, but on ‘the power of thought, attitude and perspective’. Through race day and training anecdotes, she reveals the mental habits anyone can use to unleash their physical and mental potential.

My current go to is The Fit Foodie Meal Prep Plan by Sally O’Neil.  It is a really simple and well designed cook book with practical application of base ingredients (like protein) in 75 different combos. Sally demonstrates fast-action meal assembly that will help even a tired Mum whip up healthy meals that please a tribe.

Fit Mama by Belinda Norton. The Fit Mama program is based on solid research and experience, sharing hundreds of practical hints and tips for achieving total body and mental wellness for Mums taking into account emotional, financial and time limitations..  The book includes body-weight exercises that can be completed on the go, delicious, simple recipes and tips for juggling kids, family, work and health.

2020 Gratitude Diary– this beautiful feminine diary helps Mums to set monthly goals and express daily gratitudes for a positive mindset and motivation.  This diary also has some woo woo with descriptions on moon signs and how to clear emotions that Mum’s experience from time to time.

Books and cookbooks are all available via online book sellers like Booktopia 

Mother’s Day should be a super happy day but it isn’t always the case for everyone. My thoughts also go out to those who no longer have a mother to hug physically and to all Mothers who have lost a cherish child they would love to be sharing the day with. A text or call can make all the difference to how others feel on Mother’s Day.

May we all appreciate the gift of life we were given on Mother’s Day.

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