Let’s face it constipation, bloating and diarrhoea can be embarrassing and not pleasant for anyone. Some people get so used to symptoms they think it is just normal. But it isn’t…

Bloating and diarrhoea can be caused by an array of things including food sensitivities, leaky gut, stress, inflammation, bacteria overgrowth, parasites, hormonal dysregulation and ingestion of alcohol-based sugars such as xylitol or mannitol commonly found in chewing gum and in sugar free diet products.

Constipation has similar triggers and may result from a change in routine, low bile production, gallbladder removal or liver congestion, candida, low serotonin levels (95% is produced in the gut and signals peristalsis), dehydration, low fibre intake, and poor bowel tone from laxative overuse.

Sometimes triggers for bloating and constipation are known, other times it occurs randomly. To help make you feel comfortable we have devised a few home remedies you may like to try:


  • Gas reducing tea- see recipe here
  • Ginger slices in hot water
  • Peppermint tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Iberogast drops in water (available from the Athlete Sanctuary)
  • Warm hot water bottle on abdomen
  • Exercise
  • Probiotics that may help regulate your microbiome (available from the Athlete Sanctuary)


  • Unripe bananas
  • Plain white rice or potatoes
  • Natural antimicrobials such as bee propolis, manuka honey, citrus seed extract or crushed raw garlic with olive oil (if bacteria is involved)
  • Slippery elm powder in water (available from the Athlete Sanctuary)
  • Green tea
  • PHGG -partially hydrolysed guar gum (available from the Athlete Sanctuary)
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Supplements such as saccharomyces bouladi (available from the Athlete Sanctuary)


  • Warm magnesium bath (Epsom salts or magnesium chloride flakes)
  • Magnesium oral supplement
  • Move me Loose Tea (a combination of herbs that helps trigger peristalsis in the upper gastrointestinal tract) available from the Athlete Sanctuary,
  • Bitter foods (bitter foods like endive and rocket, raw cocao)
  • Gentle stool bulking agents such as psyllium husks, oat bran, ground linseed/ flaxseed, chia seeds (soaked), LSA mix
  • Probiotics with specific strains that help reduce constipation
  • Ingestion of high fibre foods such as kiwifruit, rhubarb, stewed apples or prunes and vegetables including their skins such as on baked sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, and salad greens.
  • Gentle abdominal crunches and knee rotations
  • Lymphatic glove massage in a circular motion on your abdomen or self-massage with message oil (lymphatic gloves are available from the Athlete Sanctuary)
  • Placing a stool in front of the toilet to elevate your feet
  • Green powder mix such as vital greens which contains prebiotics and chlorella, spirulina, wheat or barley grass
  • Increasing water consumption to two plus litres per day
  • Exercise
  • Apple cider vinegar before meals in water or as a salad dressing

If your symptoms persist, we strongly recommend speaking to a practitioner to help you identify and resolve the underlying causes of your symptoms.

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