Olympic marathoners Naoko Tagahashi and Kate Smyth
Olympic marathoners Naoko Tagahashi and Kate Smyth 2009 in Japan


It is so easy to get caught up in comparison syndrome. When we see others doing well our minds can jump into self critical mode taunting us with self doubt and asking “what is wrong with me?”⁣ An overly competitive mindset can inhibit growth and opportunities and yet a competitive spirit can bring the best out in individuals who use competition wisely.⁣

Our founder and Olympic marathoner Kate Smyth, has mingled with hundreds of elite athletes from across the globe that she greatly admires. Inspiring women that revolutionised women’s running such as world record holders and gold medalists Paula Radcliffe, Tegla Loroupe, Deena Kastor, Catherine Ndereba and the gracious Naoko Takahashi (pictured here with Kate after a race in Japan in 2009) to name a few. ⁣

These women appeared to be ruthlessly competitive in the media but once you got to know them another truth appeared. What they wanted the most from their sporting careers was to be the best versions of themselves possible rather than to “win at all cost”. ⁣

This is a gentle reminder that we are all on a unique journey and we all have the capacity and ability to reach our potential in sport, in our careers and in life if we stay in our own lane, listen to our inner guide and avoid measuring our success against others. We are all winners just for trying our very best.

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